Every wonder what your favorite Instagram nail artist has in their makeup bag? We have the answer.

butter LONDON caught up with the super talented Christine Doan—aka @glosshouse—to see what nail and beauty products she can’t live without. Keep reading to find out about her ride-or-die, must-have choices:

Most Used butter LONDON product: Nail Foundation Basecoat

Why She Loves It: It’s a perfect match for any skin tone that I’ve come across on set, as well as with clients. One coat delivers an even foundation for any negative space manicure while slightly concealing any discolorations or imperfections of the natural nail plate.

Why We Love It: Quick drying basecoat that preps and primes the nails by filling in ridges and helping to smooth the look of the nail before polish application.

Favorite butter LONDON Colour of the Moment: Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in Good Vibes

Why She Loves It: Muted enough but still vibrant to stand out either as a full coverage color or a fun negative space design to elevate any of your hand jewelry (I’ve been loving the acrylic jewelry trends).

Why We Love It: This new spring launch is the colour of the season and wears perfectly with any skin tone while helping to brighten, strengthen and restore the look of nails.

Most Giftable butter LONDON Product: Quick Fix Moisturizing Cuticle Balm

Why She Loves It: Squeeze tube and textured silicone applicator makes it easy to stay hydrated on the go (because it’s the one thing everyone forgets to do daily!). I like to give these to my boyfriend’s mom because it stands out in her makeup bag and she loves the smell!

Why We Love It: Enriched with Coconut, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, this cuticle balm helps quench dry cuticles for a polished look that suits any manicure.

Underrated butter LONDON product: Quick Dry Conditioning Drops

Why She Loves It: FIRST OF ALL—this scent is so appeasing, and not only does it speed the dry time, it will further hydrate your cuticles and hands. I love using it before applying the cuticle balm.

Why We Love It: This dry oil nail serum is formulated with Rose Hip Oil to condition the nail AND speed up dry time.

Favorite butter LONDON Makeup product: Plush Lip Liners

Why She Loves It: Are you kidding me? How is this not viral? How do we make this viral? You know the tik tok trend where you blend your liner slightly above the lip line for a plushy fluffy moment? — it’s literally in the NAME. The attached brush is so convenient. My go to combo is ‘Sweet Something’ blended in on the Cupid’s bow and center of bottom lip to create natural shading then apply ‘Sensual Nude’ in a shading motion leaving the outer 1/3 of the lips for a natural transition then top off with ‘Late Night’ gloss, she’s transcended.

Why We Love It: She said it all for us, and we agree!