Do You Dare to Go Bare?

We all need a break sometimes—and so do our nails! Giving your nails some time off from being coated in layers of nail lacquer allows them to regain their strength and have time to breathe. However, being bare doesn’t have to be boring! We have several different nail treatments in different tints and benefits that we challenge you to try in the new year.


Mellow the Yellow

If you find yourself looking down and seeing yellow fingernails, Mellow the Yellow Nail Brightening Treatment may be the solution to your problems! Its skin conditioning formula helps to improve the appearance of yellowing nails, leaving them brighter, smoother and looking renewed. With ingredients like Lemon Fruit Extract and Vitamin E, Mellow the Yellow will help brighten the look of yellowing nails and treat the root of the problem while adding a pearly pop of opalescent colour.


Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly Preserve Strengthening Treatment

Give dry, brittle nails a break from polish and give your manicure the skin-loving, skincare benefits of this tinted Jelly Preserve Sheer Strengthening Nail Treatment, available in four different colours! This 2-in-1 translucent nail treatment helps revive and rejuvenate the look of nails while helping to repair damage from harsh nail formulas and practices while adding a fun tint of colour.

Sheer Wisdom Tinted Nail Moisturizer

Help put your nails back on the right track with our Sheer Wisdom Tinted Moisturizers, available in six different shades! The skin-pampering formula in Sheer Wisdom helps to revive, strengthen, and prevent breakage as it coats nails with a barely there tint. This hybrid nail treatment is formulated with Revolutionary Micro Smart Active Technology, which delivers a controlled release of skin care ingredients to lock in moisture and deliver a healthy dose of hydration which helps repair the look of nails over time!


Horse Power Nail Rescue Base Coat

If your nails are in need of some serious TLC, Horse Power Nail Rescue Base Coat is for you! This powerful, good-for-nails basecoat is infused with Horsetail Extract, Biotin and Calcium to help transform, restore and rescue damaged, weak nails. The strengthening and restoring base coat helps protect both healthy and brittle nails against future damage and prevent nail breakage so your nails can be restored and healthier-looking with each use.

If you step up to the challenge of daring to go bare, be sure to tag us @butterlondon so we can check out your looks! To shop more nail treatments and other bestselling 10-Free nail lacquer, head to