Happy 3 Year Anniversary to Our Favourite Jelly Preserves!

Can you believe our Jelly Preserve Jelly Strengthening Treatments launched 3 years ago already?! Everyone has been obsessed with these Jelly’s since their launch, and we are thrilled that the jelly trend is here to stay! This week in the blog, we are going to celebrate our Jelly Preserves by sharing details on the formula, press we have received about the treatment, and what all of you have to say about our favourite Jelly’s!

Jelly Preserve


What Makes Jelly Preserve Strengthening Treatments so Great?

Jelly Preserves are formulated with nail-loving ingredients such as Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, Hydrolyzed Keratin, and Bamboo Extract to help strengthen and rejuvenate the look of dry, brittle nails while adding a playful pop of sheer jelly colour. The conditioning tinted nail treatment formula helps to swiftly strengthen the nail and provides an improvement in the appearance and brittleness after only 15 days!


What Does the Press Say About Our Jelly Preserves?

While we are obsessed with Jelly Preserve, we love seeing what the press has to say about our colourful nail treatment! Let’s take a look at some of the press that our Strengthening Treatments have received over the last three years.

  • butter LONDON's Strengthener Revived My Dry, Brittle Nails on Refinery29
    “A week later, I removed my polish to assess the health of my nails. To my surprise, they felt pretty good, even after one use! With continued wear, I'm sure I'd see even better results – aka, stronger, longer nails. For $18, I'd call this nail treatment an essential for anyone looking to give their nails a break from gels or acrylics.”
  • This $18 Tinted Treatment ‘Will Repair & Strengthen’ Dry, Brittle Nails on Style Caster
    “If you’re after a sheer jelly look and a formula that doesn’t contain harsh ingredients that’ll worsen your nail health, this butter LONDON option is the way to go. It’s conditioning, strengthening, moisturizing, and restoring. Plus, the subtle color payoff is simple, cute, glossy, and effortless.”
  • This Trendy New Jelly Nail Polish Doubles As A Strengthening Treatment on the Zoe Report
    “The colors in the Jelly Preserve line are reminiscent of the jelly preserves you'd expect to see at high tea, being both colorful and translucent. The see-through finish is buildable and with four coats provide enough color for it to pass as the trendy jelly or "glass" manicures taking over social media. Their translucent finish is buildable, with four coats being the most opaque and one coat serving as the perfect barely-there mani.”

Jelly Preserve Strengthening Treatments

What Do Our Customers Say About Our Jelly Preserves?

We love checking in to see what you all say about our products! Let’s see what our customers have said about our Jelly Preserve Strengthening Treatments over the last 3 years.

  • Wish I'd Tried This Ages Ago! Shiny Tinted Deliciousness — Five star review from Lisa W.
    “Finally found the perfect tinted polish for my simple, natural manicures. Plum Jelly is a gentle purple, and it goes on smoothly, wears well, and doesn't stink. Layer for deeper translucent color or apply a single coat for the look of well-cared-for natural nails and are my new low-effort Sunday self-care ritual and get my week off to a great start.”
  • Fabulous Performance!!Five star review from Gina S
    “As a former Nail Technician for over 25 years I am very picky about nail products. This strengthening treatment glides on, brush is perfect length & width for application. I have worn it now for two weeks, no chipping and has a great shine to it. You can use one coat or increase two to three for darker color. Everyone needs this product especially in cooler/cold months where it’s natural for nails to be dry!”
  • After Only 1 Week My Nails Were Brighter and My SNS Damaged Nails Looked AMAZING!Five star review from Anonymous
    “Orange Marmalade looks SO bright and cheery just in time for summer! I love that I can do 1 coat for a low key colour and then add more to get a pop of orange! After only 1 week my nails were brighter and my SNS damaged nails looked AMAZING! I make all of my friends use them after pulling off any acrylic manicure.”

 We could not be more excited to celebrate the three year anniversary of Jelly Preserve Strengthening Treatments! To shop more butter LONDON bestsellers and other nail treatments, head to butterlondon.com