Help Get Your Healthiest-Looking Cuticles with butter LONDON

You spent hours (or a chunk of your last paycheck) perfecting that summery #jellynails or marble manicure look—don’t let dry, cracked cuticles make it look tragic! Cuticles are a tiny patch of skin that can have a huge impact on your nail health: they seal off the edge of your nail plate and help keep bacteria from getting in there and mucking things up for your manicure. Whether you’ve got a habit of chewing on them or near-constant handwashing has given you dryness woes, keeping your cuticles hydrated and healthier-looking can help keep your manicure looking more pristine. This week, butter LONDON is breaking down your cuticle routine and a few of our favourite, skin-loving products to help you keep those cute cuticles of yours looking smoother and softer.


  1. Slather on the Shea Butter & Vitamin E

Hear that little voice? It’s your cuticles just begging for some extra hydration from cuticle care ingredients like Shea Butter and Vitamin E. Get some Shea in your DIY nail routine by applying Extra Whip Hand and Foot Treatment with Shea Butter to your hands and cuticles before bed. Want to up the ante and stress test your romantic relationship at the same time? Add some oh-so-alluring gloves a couple times a week to really help seal in those hydrating ingredients.


  1. Balm + Oil… Boil anyone?

The word combo is a work in progress, but the hydrating power of layering a cuticle balm and a cuticle oil is ready to go! Take a minute to swipe on some Holiday Handbag Cuticle Oil and some QuickFix Moisturizing Cuticle Balm—doing it every day helps prevent cuticle dryness before it starts and keep your manicure looking sleeker and more polished. Both of these nail treatments have more of that moisturizing Vitamin E we talked about a minute ago, plus QuickFix recently won Best Cuticle Treatment from Allure.


  1. Don’t Nibble!

If you’re a cuticle biter, you know the habit can be hard to kick. We suggest turning over a new leaf, though, because the digestive enzymes in your saliva can literally break down the nail and cuticle and cause dryness. Keeping those babies hydrated can help, since dry, cracked cuticles can tempt you to pick or bite. You could also try swiping some Hardwear Shine UV Top Coat on for a glimmer that makes you less interested in biting. Add some conditioning, Rose Hip Seed Oil-infused P.D. Quick Dry Conditioning Drops to decrease your drying time and get on to your next anti-biting distraction as quickly as possible!


  1. Exfoliate Oh-So-Gently
Clipping cuticles can be borderline traumatic, right? That’s OK. You aren’t supposed to cut them anyway! Instead, you can magically, painlessly melt them away with butter LONDON’s Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliator. Just shake and apply to the cuticle area, then wait two minutes and gently push back your cuticles so you can remove the excess product and start your mani in earnest with your fave butter LONDON polish.