Our new DREAM ON! Spring shades are popping up everywhere! These new Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer hues are inspired by the vibrant, bold colours of the 1960’s Pop Art Movement and we couldn’t be more chuffed about these funky nail designs from some of our favourite Instagrammers for cute nails!

L.A.-based nail artist Sigourney Nunez leads off our list of most-loved looks—we adore how these cutesy decals from set off the stripes of Pop Orange, our light tangerine crème lacquer, and Waterloo Blue, a soft cornflower blue crème.

One of the most try-able designs in our review, you can create these stripes at home using a long striping brush and filling in with our unique, dense curved brush applicator. Then, apply the decal with tweezers and smooth out any bubbles with a silicone tool. Top it off with a layer of our Hardwear Shine UV Top Coat, a glossy finish that helps prevent nail polish chipping & smudging with added UV protection that helps prevent fading for radiant colour that lasts.  

Geometry class never felt quite as chic as this groovy take on French tips by nail artist and cosmetologist Cara Smith. We adore how these nail colours play off one another—three different stunning nail lacquer pairings are featured in just one look! Smith, who also runs a charming Etsy jewelry shop, used Empire Red, a rich poppy-flower red crème with hints of gold, Pop Orange, and Waterloo Blue to create this edgy nail art design.

To recreate this look at home, apply a base coat of our Mellow the Yellow Nail Brightening Treatment for that shimmery manicure look and then use a Long Striping brush to follow the natural curve of your nail and create your desired French Tip shape. Next, fill with alternating patterns of your favourite DREAM ON! nail lacquer shades and top with Hardwear Shine UV Top Coat.

Want this snappy pattern to dry quicker so you can hit the town? Try butter LONDON P.D. Quick-Dry Conditioning Drops! Made with Rose Hip Seed Oil to condition your nails, this dry oil serum accelerates nail lacquer dry time and prevents nicks and colour smudges so you don’t spend any more precious time than you need to *literally* watching paint dry. 

“It’s giving me retro beach towels and I really like that” says Melanie, and we so agree! She created these intricate nail art patterns with High Street Crème, a neutral champagne crème nail lacquer hue with hints of gold, Waterloo Blue, and Pop Orange, and a *very* steady hand. The contrast with Waterloo brings out sunny yellow tones in Pop Orange, with High Street Crème as the sandy beach.

Did that Spring beach outing do a number on your cuticles, though? Try a layer of our Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliator a couple minutes before your polish to gently remove dry, overgrown skin. Infused with Irish Moss to soften the cuticle and Potassium Hydroxide to gently exfoliate, Melt Away will spare you the stress of cuticle clipping before attempting this cheeky, mixed-up manicure!

Remember when we thought we were bored with French manicures? Now they’re back with a vengeance, and the key is to funkify this preppy classic with bold nail colors and trippy nail art designs. Check out the way that polished meets daring in this French tip look by @patty.nailedit! The way Pop Orange frames that Waterloo Blue is *mwah!* chef’s kiss! You can use a striper or liner brush at home to create these sharp, Pop Orange corners. Want another spring-y spin on the French tip? Try this look with Candy Floss, a soft powder blue crème nail lacquer, and Good Vibes, a soft sage crème lacquer.

Why do all these Spring colours shine so brightly? Our Award-Winning Patent Shine 10X Formula, of course! All Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquers are made with Shock-Resisting Polymer Technology for long wear and chip resistance, Diamond Powder for brightening nails’ appearance, UV Absorbers to help resist fading, and Bamboo Extract to promote stronger nails and prevent breakage and peeling for healthier-looking nails.

DREAM ON! is a collection obsessed with flowers, from the red poppy inspired Empire Red to the cornflower blue of Waterloo Blue, so of course we are charmed by this floral manicure from nail art maven Julia over at @canipaintyournails. Julia started with a few Empire Red blossoms on a Waterloo Blue base, then added a pop of High Street Crème for a fresh new manicure vibe. You can create this floral look by using a 2 way dotting tool, or with an object from around your home like a toothpick or the tip of a pen.

Love to play with your nails as much as Julia does? Make sure you treat your nails to a layer of Horse Power Nail Rescue Base Coat before breaking out butter LONDON DREAM ON! nail lacquer shades. Horse Power uses Vitamin B and Calcium to promote stronger nails and Biotin to promote healthy nail growth, so your flower power can dream on and on.

At butter LONDON, bright, bold colour is our jam, but sometimes it’s nice to kick it with a minimalist, opalescent look like the one @jauntyjuli created with our new Mellow-the-Yellow Brightening Treatment. Mellow the Yellow combines the power of Vitamin E and a blend of natural exfoliants, including Lemon Fruit Extract, to gently exfoliate dry, damaged nails, so this luxe Treatment pulls double duty to make your nails shimmery today AND healthier-looking tomorrow.