Brittle nails, ridged nails, dry nails, weak nails. We all know the troubles that can stand in the way of us and a flawless-looking manicure.

If you are currently suffering at the hands of less-than-ideal nails, cheer up! butter LONDON has put together this nail pop quiz to help match your nail needs to a clean, 10-Free nail treatment that was made for your fingertips.

Now get to scrolling and discover your butter LONDON nail diagnosis:

1. Let’s start simple… What Do Your Nails Actually Look Like?

A.) Bumpy: You have nail ridges that just won’t quite

B.) Dry: Your nails could use a tall glass of water

C.) Weak: Breaking and peeling is a daily nail occurrence

D.) Cracked Cuticles: My nails look great, but my cuticles need help

2. What Nail Concern Do You Lose Sleep Over?

A.) Uneven appearance

B.) Dehydration

C.) Flimsy nails that won’t grow

D.) Peeling cuticles (ouch!)

3. What Nail Colour Do You Find Utterly Chic?

A.) Pale pink

B.) Nude

C.) Fruity Hues

D.) No preference

4. What butter LONDON Ingredient Steals Your Cheeky Heart?

A.) Horsetail Extract

B.) Vitamin E

C.) Arginine

D.) Coconut Oil

5. Last but not least, What Nail Benefit Are You Truly After?

A.) Smoother looking nails that make my polish look flawless

B.) Hydrated nails that look healthier

C.) Long and strong nails

D.) Soft and smooth cuticles to help support nail growth


Mostly A: Nail Foundation Priming Basecoat

Prep and prime your manicure with this quick-drying base coat that acts like a seal to help fill in nail ridges and prevent nail polish from staining. Powered by Horsetail Extract and Hydrolyzed Silk, this treatment can be worn alone or under a nail lacquer to help support healthy nail growth. Smooth and strengthen with a coat of a pale pink nail polish coat that looks utterly flawless day or night.

Mostly B: Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturizer

A tinted moisturizer for your… nails? That’s right. Just like a tinted moisturizer works for your skin, this 2-in-1 nail treatment includes 4 nude shades that coat nails in a barely there tint to help create a brilliant, uniform appearance. Packed with nail-pampering ingredients, Sheer Wisdom features a unique technology that releases ingredients to help lock in moisture and deliver a healthy dose of hydration.

Mostly C: Jelly Preserve Strengthening Treatment

Pink. Teal. Purple. Orange. No matter what your colour choice, we have a juicy option for you. Jelly Preserve is a best-selling, innovative hybrid treatment that helps prevent peeling and breakage while coating nails in a sheer, transcalent color. Help brighten, strengthen and restore the look of nails with a few swipes of this playful treatment that provides all-day hydration.

Mostly D:  Quickfix Moisturizing Cuticle Balm

So, your cuticles are the real downer? No problem. Perk up the look of cuticles and help instantly seal in moisture with this lightweight cuticle balm. With an invigorating massage applicator, Quickfix is powered by Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil to help quench the skin with hydration for a pampering manicure experience that will help soothe and smooth the look of cracked cuticles.