Practice Makes Perfect- How to Paint Your Nails Like a Pro

Shout out to our manicurists—how do they do it??? Smooth, bubble-free polish, funky designs, perfectly pointed or pleasingly symmetrical nail shapes—these nailcare wizards do it all, and it all happens so fast! How do they do it? One way, of course, is practice: it may be a pain to undo that gloppy manicure and start over for the umpteenth time, but if you practice painting your own nails regularly, you’re more likely to get better at it. Yes, practice makes perfect, but if you want to be a little ahead of the curve, here’s a butter LONDON cheat sheet to help you nail a bubble-free at-home Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer manicure!

  1. Hold Your Horses!

The beginning of an at-home manicure is a buzzy time! The smell of the polish! The delightful Come to Bed Red or Fruit Machine shade! The glass of champagne you had beforehand! But seriously, it can be tempting to dive right in to painting your nails and skip your equipment check. Before you get down to business, take a second to check your brush for bubbles and press any that you see. If there are bubbles on your brush, they’re likely to transfer to your nail look.

  1. Keep Holding Them!

Are you ready to paint, Picasso? Wait! It’s still not time. That cheeky Union Jack Black or Waterloo Blue shade needs to be shaken up a little—but not too much! Try rolling the polish between your hands to avoid over-shaking it. You’ll also want to make sure you’re not using a polish with a too-thick formula—thicker nail polish can also lead to that bubbly, gooey effect.

  1. Ok, Now Paint!

Is the anticipation becoming too much? Time to go in with your nail lacquer at last! If you want to do it like your beloved manicurist, though, you’ll still need to proceed with caution. Building thin layers of polish—as opposed to glopping on one or two thick ones—will help you get that smooth, shiny look. Make sure to store your Steady On or High Street Creme nail lacquer hues in a cool, dry place when you’re finished to help keep it in tip-top shape!

  1. Still Bubbling? It Might Be Time…
…to treat yourself to a new Patent Shine 10X hue (or several)! We pride ourselves on our 10-Free butter LONDON formula. Did you know that if our formula seems to separate, it’s simply because of the clean ingredients that we use. Simply shake your nail lacquer bottle lightly until the colour blends. Then boom you are ready to go… voila, a nail lacquer hue that looks like new!