1. What Type of Food Can You Not Live Without:

A.) Seafood

B.) Does coffee count?

C.) Mediterranean

D.) Tacos. Duh.

2. How Would You Describe Your Style?

A.) Bold and Trendy

B.) Timeless with a touch of Modern

C.) Delicate and Feminine

D.) Casual and Comfortable

3. Pick Your Favorite butter LONDON Product (we know, it’s hard)…

A.) Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer

B.) Plush Rush Plumping Lip Gloss

C.) Plush Rush Blush and Lip Stick

D.) Jelly Preserve Strengthening Treatment

4. What Nail Colour Do Your Find Yourself Reaching For?

A.) Bright: orange, yellow, red

B.) Classic: white, black and red

C.) Pastels: pink, purple and blue

D.) I’ll try anything

5. How Do You Like to Spend Your Weekends?

A.) Exploring the new, hottest night spots in town

B.) Trying local restaurants with my BFFs

C.) Reading a book while sitting in the sun

D.) On a spontaneous road trip

Mostly A’s: Miami with Smashing

Ahhh, the true firecracker. Miami has a culture all its own, which is sure to cater to your outgoing and luxury loving personality. If you enjoy the finer things in life and consider 11PM early, then Miami is definitely the hot spot for your summer vacation. Dance the night away in the plethora of night clubs before hitting reset on the beautiful beaches during the day. You can soak up the summer sun and have fun dressing to the nines while complimenting your look with a siren red nail lacquer on your hands and toes. It’s the perfect colour for the summer heat and your spicy personality.  

Mostly B’s: Saint Tropez with English Lavender

Crisp and refined, you are the perfect mix of sass and class. A vacation to Saint Tropez—the colourful playground of the rich and famous—is just what you need this summer! Tucked along the coast of the French Riviera, you can stroll along the kaleidoscope streets while enjoying a nightlife of art, music and food. Show off your favorite flowy, white summer dress while walking along the beach with the butter LONDON soft, purple nail lacquer in English Lavender complimenting your perfectly polished hand. 

Mostly C’s: Paros, Greece with Candy Floss

The quieter and more sophisticated sister to the bustling Mykonos, Paros is a place of beautiful blue domes, bright white building and relaxing beaches. If you prefer lounging on the beach and taking in the slow-paced lifestyle, then this is the retreat for you. The island life is sure to embrace your laidback and delicate personality while treating you to a warm weather affair of traditional villages, great food and beautiful flowers. And don’t forget to channel the crystal-clear waters with a pale, pastel blue that was made just for someone who enjoys an easy pace, like you!

Mostly D’s: Cabo, Mexico with Hottie Tottie

Pina Coladas. Turquoise Beaches. Outdoor Adventures. If all of these speak to you, then Cabo is your next stop for the summer. Full of dance, music, water sports and luxury, Cabo is the perfect place for the adventure seeking gal. Satisfy your thirst for spontaneity and fun with this worldwide paradise destination that is home to picturesque cliffs and food you’ll never forget. And while you’re basking in all the adventure, don’t forget to drench your nails in our zesty coral nail polish that captures both your happy-go-lucky personality and a tropical summer sunset.