Royal Nail Lacquer Inspired By The Queen

By now, we have all heard of The Queen’s unfortunate death on September 8, 2022. Queen Elizabeth was the UK’s longest-serving monarch and died at the age of 96 years old. The Queen had a significant impact on those who admired her, as well as her impact on butter LONDON. To honor our fallen Queen, we want to discuss all of our various nail lacquer shades that were inspired by the Queen herself.

Queen ELizabeth

All Hail The Queen

All Hail The Queen is a holographic beige with just the right amount of shimmer. This Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer is the perfect, skin complementing hue for any occasion when not just any nude will do. The shimmer in All Hail the Queen makes this a perfectly royal nail colour as it is a classic neutral with a little bit of fun shimmer. This Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer got its name out of respect to the Queen, as All Hail the Queen is a phrase to show respect to a monarch as a form of salutation.

Champagne Princess

Inspired by crowns from the Queen with beautiful champagned coloured stones, Champagne Princess is a pearlescent Champagne hue that embodies the glamorous high stakes of the royal family. It has been shown that Queen Elizabeth enjoyed drinking a glass of Champagne to celebrate life’s special moments. In February of this year, Her Majesty released Buckingham Palace English Sparkling Wine to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee. The sparkling wine featured a label with a design based on the embroidery of her Robe of Estate that she wore during her coronation. Therefore, it was only right to create a Champagne hue in her honour.

House of Amethyst

House of Amethyst is a royal pearlescent mauve Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer that was inspired by the Queen’s royal amethyst jewels seen in the Queen’s beautiful jewelry and broach that she wore on special occasions. The amethyst stones are some of the oldest jewels in the Queen’s collection and have been passed down through royal generations. The amethyst stone are seen as a stone of peace, clarity, and peacefulness. Because amethyst jewels are showstopping on their own, we made a luxe nail lacquer colour in a similar colour scheme to honour Queen Elizabeth.

Her Majesty’s Red

Nothing screams royalty like a luxurious true red crème. The colour red represents power and regal majesty, making it the perfect hue to name after Her Majesty. Queen Elizabeth was known for wearing bright colours, and her vibrant red coats, hats and dresses inspired the royal red nail lacquer. Over the Queen’s long reign, we also caught glimpse of her reapplying a royal red lip, making a red-coloured hue a perfect match to honor Queen Elizabeth.

Royal Emerald

The rich pearlescent colour of Royal Emerald was inspired by the luxurious emeralds seen on the Queen’s iconic emerald crown that she debuted in 2019 with matching never-before-seen emerald earrings and a showstopping emerald drop necklace. This royal emerald debut certainly made headlines as the emeralds could not be missed as they shone throughout the night. Therefore, we decided to create an emerald Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer to honour the Queen and her Emerald jewels seen on her crown and jewelry.

Empire Red

This poppy red crème is perfectly royal and features subtle hints of gold throughout. This poppy red colour is similar to the colour seen on the Queen’s poppy pin that she wore on Remembrance Day each year. Remembrance Day is celebrated November 11th each year and is a day where the Queen, along with other members of the royal family, wore red pins with red poppy flowers to symbolize remembrance and hope each year.

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