Story by: Lisa Stardust

The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Instead of worrying about others this Valentine’s Day, focus on yourself. Be your own Valentine. You deserve the best because you are awesome and amazing. Once you own your power and accept your qualities, then you will soar to great heights in all levels of your life.

Astrology can help us get our groove back and find our sweet spots. Here are some tips on owning your confidence, by zodiac sign. You got this!

Aries: Loving yourself isn’t hard for you to do, Aries. The only caveat is that you doubt your actions at times, as they tend to be impulsive and passionate. Embrace all of your sentiments — the good, the bad, and the ugly. Stand tall and proud in every decision you make.

Taurus: Your heart is your best asset.  You’re a very loyal person. In fact, you’ll never be easily swayed in your emotions (especially when it comes to your friendships and partnerships). You’ll always go to bat for others, especially in their darkest hours, which is one of your most amazing attributes.

Gemini: Your quick mind can have a hard time acknowledging the amazing sentiments that you have deep within. Embrace your chatty nature and own your smart nature. Meditating on the things that you love the most about yourself will help you find love within yourself for yourself (or your other twin).

Cancer: At times you can be tough to get to know. But, it’s only because you guard your emotions from being hurt. Your best quality is the unconditional love you give to others, once they break down the walls that stand between you and your heart. Honor that part of yourself.

Leo: Loving yourself is easy for you to do, especially when you have a deep understanding of yourself. The caveat is that you require the same affection and admiration from others, which can be hard to receive at times. Try to look within yourself for the love you want and need.

Virgo: In order to start a romance with yourself, you have to stop being hard and critical of the decisions you make. Accept and love your flaws (even though you don’t have any) to create a better relationship with yourself. Then, you’ll be able to love yourself a whole lot more.

Libra: Your ability to find a middle ground is amazing. Use your gentle peaceful demeanor in creating a better vision for yourself. Don’t settle for anything less of what you think you deserve, in an effort to avoid drama. Once you do that, then you’ll have a better relationship with yourself.

Scorpio: Simply put: You are the ultimate ride or die partner and friend. When those you love are in need, you will 100% stand by them and fight with them. TBH, you overlook the kindness you give to others and rarely give yourself a pat on the back for being loyal.

Sagittarius: You’re bold, tenacious, and always accepting of all challenges that come your way. The best thing about you is that you’re open to everything in life. Your  adventurous spirit, willingness to learn, and non judgmental attitude are the things that you love the most about yourself — we do, too.

Capricorn: Your confidence fluctuates, due to the fact that you are super reflective. When looking back on the past, due so with an open heart and mind to avoid issues with your self-esteem. Hindsight is 20/20. Learning to live in the moment will boost the relationship you have with yourself.

Aquarius: You give a lot of your energy to others. After all, you are the humanitarian sign of the zodiac. Taking back half of the power you lend out will help elevate your confidence and inner sentiments. Remember, it’s ok to be selfish. You don’t have to constantly give to others.

Pisces: Your imagination is the greatest gift bestowed upon you and it is the sentient you appreciate the most about yourself (others love it too). As long as you believe in your visions and dreams, then you can make the impossible possible. After all, the word literally spells out “I’m Possible.”