Who knew there was a perfect nail shape for your hand? Well, you do now!

A flawless manicure isn’t just about clean cuticles, healthy looking nails and a nail polish colour that “speaks” to you. It’s also about creating a nail look that compliments and completes. And while we’re usually preoccupied with choosing the perfect shade from the spindle of colours at our local nail salon, there is one detail we might be missing. Nail shape.

Nail shapes have risen in popularity over the years, but did you know that the nail shape you choose can change the way your hand looks? Now, if you have a shape you love, don’t let us sway you (you do you). But if you find yourself constantly juggling the options with no clear choice, we can help!

Here’s how to discover the nail shape that best suits you based on your hand type:

The Basics

Before we can nail down your perfect shape, we need to gather two very important pieces of information: your finger length and palm length. Now before you run and grab the measuring tape, rest assured that there is a simple way to determine both of these things from the comfort of your chair.

First, for the palm. Take a good look at your hand—if the length of the palm is more than the width, you have a long palm (I told you this was easy), and if the width of the palm is longer than the height, then guess what, you have a wide palm.

The finger is a little more complicated. Examine your hand from the top of the middle finger to the bottom of your palm—where the hand meets the wrist. If the middle finger makes up more than 1/3 of the total length from top to bottom, you have long fingers. If it is less than 1/3 the length, then your fingers are considered short.

Now, Find Your Match

Your Type: Short Fingers + Wide Palm

Your Nail: Oval

Simple oval nails are the perfect way to add length and slenderness to a shorter hand. This style is achieved by filing the edges of the nail in a straight line and capping them off with a soft, rounded end. Even better, this look can be achieved on medium to long nails to help compliment your hands natural shape. Coat your nail in a soft, dusty pink like the Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in Coming Up Roses for pink nails that add a touch of femininity.

Your Type: Short Fingers + Long Palm 

Your Nail: Almond

The hottest shape of the season, almond nails are classy with a little bit of sass—not to mention, they look great on just about everyone. This versatile shape is a match made in heaven for short fingers, as it helps elongate and balance them to match a lengthy palm. To achieve this shape, simply file the sides of the nail in a straight angle, ending with a pointed tip at the end. For an extra pop of color, paint them in a tropical summer nail polish shade like the fuchsia pink Tutti Frutti or minty green Good Vibes.

Your Type: Long Fingers + Wide Palm

Your Nail: Coffin

Coffin nails (also known as ballerina to the less edgy type) are characterized by a sharp angle and a flat end. This manicure look is the perfect blend of spunk and sophistication, plus it’s known to compliment long fingers while helping to balance the look of a wider palm. Because of the detailed shape, coffin nails are best suited for longer, stronger nails. If you are looking to prep for this style, try indulging your nails to the best-selling butter LONDON Jelly Preserve Strengthening Nail Treatment to help promote stronger, brighter and healthier looking nails.

Your Type: Long Fingers + Long Palm

Your Nail: Square

Ahh, the classic. Square nails were big in the 90’s and they’ve come back hot on the scene. Known for being easy to maintain and great for both long and short nails, they are also the perfect match for the long hand type. The square shape adds blunt dimension to the hand while helping to soften the length of your fingers and palm. Pair a timeless french manicure with this nail using the Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in Cotton Buds or pick your favorite nail lacquer colour to complete this classic look.