Valentines Day= chocolates, romance, candles and (most importantly) beauty.

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or spending the night at home, Valentines Day can carry with it a lot of pressure. And, while we might not be able to schedule your dates or choose your gifts, we can pair you with a chic beauty routine to match your epic (or chill) plans.

Hanging out with your gals? Seducing your S.O? Spoiling yourself with some alone time? No problem! Keep on scrolling to discover the beauty look or routine that matches your V-day agenda:

Date Night In

Spice up your love life—even from the comfort of home—with a bold red lip and a fierce manicure to match. It’s no mystery that red is the colour of passion and romance, making this striking shade the perfect colour for a long night spent with your S.O. To achieve this look, simply line your lips with a longwear Lip Pencil before applying a red hot lipstick that is perfect for your complexion. Match your nails using a similar red nail polish, or create a monochromatic makeup look with a darker or lighter nail colour. Don’t forget to seal it in with a glossy top coat for all-night shine that is sure to catch their eye!


Chill Night for One

Thanks to pandemic circumstances, Valentine 2021 is looking a little weird. Some of us might be forced to spend the night at home ordering take out for one from the comfort of our couch (no shame). Personally, this sounds like a night in heaven for me, but if you find the idea less exciting, make it fun! Feel free to indulge yourself with a beauty routine that loves on your complexion and nails. Throw on an invigorating face mask, then pamper your nails to a waterless manicure that helps softens the cuticles, nourish the skin and make nails stronger over time! Last, but not least, complete your manicure with a coat of your fave V-day nail lacquer colour (black is also welcome).


Galentine’s Day

This ones for the girls! If you are planning on sharing the day of love with those who truly mean the world to you (sorry, boys), then look no further than this beauty routine. A flushed monochromatic makeup look and simple updo is the perfect combo for anyone who is after a night in with the gals—but also make it chic. Start with a multi-tasking makeup stick (preferably in a pink or red shade) and swipe the colour across your eyes and pout, then diffuse it across the cheeks for a rosy glow. To complete the look. you can opt for a sleek low bun or twist your hair up in one of those 90’s claw clips that have recently undergone a beauty revivial.