The Perfect Colors to Match Your New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is upon us, which means we need to sort our new year’s resolutions and things we hope for in 2023! We have rounded up some lucky colors for you to wear during the new year to try to manifest all your goals. Whether you are hoping for good luck, new beginnings, or growth this year, we have a color to match your new year’s resolution!


Red for Good Luck

If you are hoping for some good luck in the new year, we suggest rocking a poppy red mani! Red is associated with fire elements which symbolize life and light. Whether you are needing good luck as you learn a new skill or if you need a *little* extra luck in your everyday life, a pop of red is a great way to remind you of your goals. For your lucky red manicure, we recommend these shades of red to add a fun pop of color and remind you of your goals:



White for New Beginnings

White is a popular symbol for a fresh start, especially in the new year. If your new year’s resolutions have to do with eating healthier or getting more exercise, white manicures are a great way to remind your fresh start! If you are looking to reset something or start something new, we recommend rocking this classic white to bring a blank slate for 2023:


Gold for Prosperity

If you are hoping for more prosperity in the new year, what color better to wear than gold! If your new year’s resolution has anything to do with saving more money or cutting back on spending habits, a chic gold mani is a great reminder to stick to your goal. Gold traditionally represents wealth and riches, making it the *perfect* color to represent your new year resolution for 2023. Check out our favorite gold nail lacquer shades below:


Purple for Power

If you are looking to regain power in your life in the new year, purple is the perfect color to wear! If your new year’s resolution has something to do with taking control of your life, making important changes, or trying to commit to something, a purple mani may be for you! Purple is associated with royalty and strength and is the best color to wear to bring in power for the new year. Lucky for you, we have several different purple hues for you to choose from:


Green for Growth

Green typically represents money and wealth, but for 2023 we are associating green with growth! Green can be interpreted as representing harmony, freshness, or energy in the new year. If your new year’s resolution has anything to do with growing either in your personal life, love life, or your work life, a fresh green manicure is a perfect reminder to keep your mind set on your goals. Check out these green hues that are perfect to welcome growth into your life in the new year:

Looking for more colors to match your resolutions for 2023? Head over to to check out more of our bestselling nail lacquer and nail treatments so you can have the perfect mani just in time for the new year.