Why Your Manicures Don’t Last as Long in the Winter

We know that the chilly Winter temperatures can be hard on our skin, but did you know the cold weather also has an effect on our nails? As the weather continues to cool, your nail polish has a harder time adhering to your nails for a multitude of reasons that go along with the frosty temps. This week in the blog, we are going to be diving into why your nail lacquer tends to chip more frequently in the Winter, as well as how to help solve this dilemma.



Hand Washing

While cooler weather comes with cozy scarves and beanies, the cold temperatures can also make us more susceptible to maybe catching a cold or coming down with the flu. A way most of us try to combat this is by regularly washing our hands to try to kill any germs—which is great! However, the more frequently we are exposing our hands to water, the more water our nails are absorbing. The more water your nails absorb, the more they are prone to peeling and breaking.

As an alternative to constant hand washing, try our Super Clean No Rinse Cleansing Hand Crème! With 62% alcohol and skincare-infused ingredients, this non-drying formula is perfect for any time you want to clean your hands without disrupting your manicure.


Fluctuating Temperatures

When it is freezing outside, it is only natural to want to be cozied up next to a heater once you get indoors! However, with the constant change in humidity and temperature, the polish on your nails is having to expand and contract depending on the weather, which can cause your nail polish to chip and lift.

To help solve this dilemma, we recommend applying a base coat to your nails to help promote stronger nails. Our Horse Power Nail Rescue Base Coat helps protect both healthy and brittle nails against future damage and prevent nail breakage. This powerful, good-for-your nails butter LONDON base coat is infused with Horsetail Extract, Biotin, along with fortifying Vitamin B and Calcium to help transform, restore, and rescue damaged, weak nails.



It is nothing new that skin tends to get drier in the Winter time, but did you know that your nails can also get dry? Nails get dry from a variety of reasons, whether it be hand warmers, frequent hand washing, or a lack of moisture. When nails get too dry, they tend to get thin and brittle. This results in nail polish peeling and chipping off of nails in a short amount of time.

To help solve this issue, try our Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturizer! Formulated with a blend of skin-pampering ingredients, this technology-based, hybrid nail treatment helps revive, strengthen and prevent breakage as it coats nails with a barely there, a sheer tint. This Nail Tinted Moisturizer is perfect to put your manicure back on the right-track for a healthier look.



In need of some TLC

At times during the winter, the humidity and moisture levels in the air tend to drop, resulting in dry air. This causes your nails to become brittle and dehydrated, which can cause your manicure to crack and peel. Just like your skin, your nails typically need more attention in the cooler months. Just like you protect your skin from wind chills and harsh temperatures with layers of moisturizers and serums, your nails need the same care!

To help solve the issue of nails in need of some TLC, we recommend our Champagne Fizz Manicure Candle to give your hands and nails some much needed moisture. Our Nail & Skin Treatment Candle is created from a natural skin-softening blend of Soybean Oil and Coconut Oil that perfectly melts into a soothing and conditioning massage treatment.

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