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Recreate the New Frosted Donut Nail Look

While we have been obsessing over all the nail trends (we see you, frosted donut nails), our posh selves are also loving the clean girl nail look! This low-maintenance mani always looks chic and is so easy to recreate from the comfort of home. Achieve this manicure look today!

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For the first naked nail look we are going to recreate the viral trend that took over social media. An important part of the nude nail look is having nails that still look prepped and posh, but without the addition of any nail lacquer. 

Step 1: Begin by shaking our fan-favourite Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliator and brush onto cuticles. Wait 2 minutes and use the Signature Glass Cuticle Pusher to gently push back dead cuticles and clean up under nails.

Step 2: Finish off your perfectly prepped nails with a coat of Hardwear Shine UV Topcoat to add a glossy, high-shine finish to your nude mani. 

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